What you should know about care of power window.

Power window is an important part of the car body, because it increases its comfort and convenience of driver during the trip.

Power window make driver and passenger free to turn the doorknob if they want to open or close the window.

car window
Everything what you need it to press the button, and else will be make automatically. Power window as any other mechanism need care and correct using.

It is forbidden simultaneously to press button in opposite sides, are they on the one door or at the driver. In the other case it can be broken and mechanism of power window won’t work. And it can’t be repaired, you can just change it into new one.

Power window work just if the key is turn on in ignition. Every door has a button of power window, which put down and up the window of certain door. If you want to avoid the failure of the system of power window, don’t put up and down more than two windows simultaneously.